Life in Hong Kong!


A few years ago, when I first visited Hong Kong, I told Trenton that I really wanted to live here one day. I think I jinxed myself, because whenever I say I want to go or live somewhere, it ends up coming true. Call it manifestation, or blind luck, but I’ve now found myself living in Hong Kong–my second favorite city next to Paris.

In Hong Kong you get the best of both worlds–Chinese culture with Western amenities. I get to live in a high rise apartment, walk everywhere and ride the metro, go to markets and noodle restaurants, but I also get to shop at Western groceries stores, speak to people in English, and, in general, the city is much cleaner and has less smog than mainland China. I love it!

We have been social distancing from February-May, and the only things open were restaurants and grocery stores. However, this week, more and more businesses are opening. Trenton has started going to JuJitSu every day, and I will start ballet next week. It’s a great way to enter social tribes and join a new community! Churches and a few other businesses are still closed indefinitely, but I’m hoping they will open up again this summer.

Living in Hong Kong is really an ideal place to live–there’s beaches, mountains, delicious restaurants with any cuisine you could want, and amazing running paths. I am thriving.

A lot of people come to China and end up hating it because they have no idea what to expect. They see perfectly curated pictures or videos online that don’t show the realities of what China is like. The way the Chinese live life is about as foreign from Western society as physically possible. However, I really think Hong Kong is a great “intro” to Chinese society, so if you’ve ever wanted to visit China, Hong Kong would be like dipping your foot in the water. It gives you a taste. If you want a real Chinese experience while in HK, head to MongKok where the streets are overcrowded, and they sell sting rays and eels at the fish markets. If you want to experience nature, take the tram up to Victoria’s Peak and go for a hike. If you want to find a hipster coffee shop or have brunch, head to Soho! If you want a little magic, go to HK Disneyland! There are endless things to do.

Hong Kong is a really unique place. I’m so glad I get to spend the summer here! More pictures to come. 🙂

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