Disneyland Shanghai!


IMG_2822DSC_0791Disneyland Shanghai Courtney LivingstonDSC_0869Disneyland Shanghai Courtney LivingstonDisneyland Shanghai Courtney LivingstonDisneyland Shanghai Courtney LivingstonDSC_0011IMG_2786DSC_1206IMG_2858

We finally made it to Disneyland Shanghai!!! I have been dreaming of going here ever since it opened up in 2016. When I lived in America, I used to go to Epcot and they had a big display in the China section about the new Shanghai Disney and I was so enamored with it, hoping I’d get a chance to go! Little did I know I’d eventually be living in China and this park is just a short flight away from me.

Everything about Shanghai Disney was very futuristic. The tomorrow land was like the one in Orlando completely rebooted. The way it was designed you felt like you were walking on a cloud! The toy story land was adorable, as it always is, and Fantasy land was so big and spacious! The castle is the largest one out of all the castles (like ten times bigger than the Paris and the Hong Kong one!) and has so many cute balconies and pillars.

The Adventure Land was super fun, and OMG the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was incredible! It is nothing like the one in Orlando. It is like super high tech and incorporates Imax screen with actual real-life ships and animatronics and wow I was mind-blown. Halfway through the ride me and Trenton just looked at each other like whoahhhhh. haha.

We went during Chinese New Year and surprisingly the crowds weren’t that bad, unlike what we’d heard, and we could still use FastPass. The only long line was Soarin, but the Chinese version of it was so worth the long line. The only thing I didn’t like about this Disneyland was the food! I love Chinese food, but man, the food at both Hong Kong Disney and Shanghai Disney is straight nasty! They had all kinds of weird stuff (sausage on a stick with a sticky rice coating, for example) and hardly any Western options. Not a huge deal, though, because Disney Town was right outside the park and it had a Cheesecake Factory. 🙂

Another plus was that the hotels nearby are super nice, like Hiltons and Novotels, and they’re like 50 bucks for the night so that’s a win! If you’re ever in China you need to add this snazzy park to your bucket list, it’s worth the trip!

Have you ever been to a Disney park outside of America?

15 thoughts on “Disneyland Shanghai!

  1. Sounds like fun!

    I have never been to a Disney park in another country. For that matter, I’ve only been to the Anaheim Disney parks, and only eight times ever (which is a lot for some people, but I know others around here who go multiple times every year, and I live 400 miles away from Anaheim). The last time was 2012. Everything is so crowded and expensive now…


  2. How neat! I’ve only been to the one in Florida, but I’ve seen videos of the one in France and now I need to visit this location as well (: so so cool the differences


  3. Thank you for your pictures. We loved them all. You look great. … it’s been a long time. Hope to hear from you again.


  4. Courtney, this looks amazing. We are looking at a March 2020 Shanghai trip. Disney would be on the list of things to do for us. Other than Soaring, was the Tron ride a really long line, David loves roller coasters and just checking what to use our fast pass on first.


    1. The Tron line wasn’t too long, especially in the evening. The river rapids line was long and so was the mine trains! But overall, all of the lines except for Soarin were doable. We were able to do all the rides (except for the ones for small children) without any fast passes at all. Hope you have the best time! You will LOVE it!!


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