New Year’s Resolution- No Sugar For A Year!


Courtney Livingston- New Year's Resolution

I’m bacckkkk!!! Did ya miss me?

I have chosen the most PERFECT New Year’s resolution. Before you laugh at me and say my resolution simply can’t be done- I’m going to tell you WHY I’m choosing such a drastic resolution for 2019.

It all started when I went to Paris in October. If you’ve ever been to France, then you’d know that they are world-renown for their pastries and delectable desserts. While in the city of lights, I had a pastry every morning for breakfast, as well as a crepe for a little afternoon snack, followed by the most incredible desserts after dinner each night.

The problem, however, is that I was in Paris for nearly 11 days days. Eleven wonderful days of feasting on fancy teas, French toasts, cannolis, cakes, and pan au chocolats.

Soon after, I headed back to China. But I wasn’t home for long, for soon we were visiting new friends in another part of Asia for a week. We were showered with brownies, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and cakes. How could I return someones hospitality by saying no to a home-baked good? Those are hard to come by in Asia! So I ate and ate and ate…didn’t want to be rude of course.

Shortly after it was Thanksgiving, where I gathered with friends on multiple occasions, first with Asians where it wasn’t so unhealthy, and once again with fellow expats where everyone pulled out their favorite homemade recipes, and we feasted on pies, fruity breads, and cookie bars.

Flash forward to mid-December, where we took a trip to Hong Kong and stayed at Disney. When on Disney property, one simply can’t resist the bountiful buffets just outside your room in the hotel. We went for dinner, and again for breakfast, eating cheesecakes, waffles, holiday logs, and peanut butter treats. It was Christmas time, after all. Everyone deserves to treat themselves a little.

Then we arrived home and the Christmas packages arrived- two from my darling mother who is ever so kind to think of her long lost daughter in China- and another from my mother-in-law who was sweet enough to give us our favorite Christmas candies. We ate peppermint bark, white chocolate covered pretzels, and peanut putter cups.

And alas came the Christmas parties. And Trenton’s birthday- which we celebrated twice. Sugar cookies, ice cream, Chinese cake, fudge, roasted almonds- the list goes on!

My boundaries have been broken. Here in these photos, I hold a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. Even on a day-to-day basis, my ability to resist ordering a cup of sugar has all but died.

Since starting down this sugary tirade, my skin has become rather rough looking- even though it had been looking better than every before earlier in the year. I thought my acne and rosacia was gone for good but it has come back with a vengeance. My teeth have begun to ache- and getting dental work done in China is quite terrifying and not the same as in America. My physique remains largely the same- thanks to my love for running and weight lifting- but I know if I keep up this life style my figure won’t last for long.

So all this to say- I am going sugar free. For a whole year. No coffees with syrups, no candy, no treats, cakes, or cookies. A year, free from sugar.

I started today. And the resolution will end next Christmas Day.

So here goes, no blurred lines, no weekly cheat days or meals, just me and all-natural foods.

I have thought far-off into the future, to make sure I could handle this life change, and I’ve come up with a small list of allowances, which are as follows:

  • I’m going to Shanghai Disney in February, and I will allow myself a Mickey Waffle.
  • I can use a bit of all-natural molasses or honey on occasion because it contains many vitamins that are good for women.
  • If a Chinese person orders or gives me something sweet without consulting me (like a sticky rice cake with brown sugar drizzled on top) I will try a bit so as not to be rude. Why? Because I’m still a language-learner and don’t always understand everything my local friends say when they order for me. I’ve been surprised many a time with a “Chinese snack” being brought to my table that I didn’t realize had been ordered. Rather than hurt someone’s feelings, I’ll take a bite and tell them it’s delicious (STORY OF MY LIFE).

So that’s it. Full transparency here!

Anyone want to join me in this journey?

Follow along on my sugar-free year by following me on Instagram: @courtneylivin. I will keep you all updated on my Insta stories. (By the way- I’m almost to 25,000 followers- how cool is that?!)

Also, huge thanks to Morning Lavender for sending me this beautiful outfit. They have such lovely clothes, perfect for work, brunch, weddings, and parties. Be sure to check them out on Instagram as well- @shopmorninglavender.


15 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution- No Sugar For A Year!

  1. wow, i really admire your self-discipline! sugar is something i’ve battled against on and off for years now – one week i’ll eat like a model and the next i’ll be eating chocolate morning, noon, and night. maybe i’ll join in on this!

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  2. I’m not laughing at you at all. What’s funny about this is that I made the same New Years resolution as you – to quit sugar for a year! Ha! I’ve let myself slip and it’s been one big downwards spiral since then. Some ppl say to set goals instead of resolutions but my problem is with that is that I’m the type to do all or nothing. I have to take drastic action to see any results and goals seem to passive to me lol


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