Pattaya Thailand Getaway!

IMG_0174IMG_0296Pattaya Thailand by Courtney LivingstonIMG_0530IMG_0505Pattaya Thailand by Courtney LivingstonIMG_0228IMG_0491Pattaya Thailand by Courtney LivingstonDSC_1114IMG_0522Pattaya Thailand by Courtney LivingstonIMG_0447

Here are a few pictures from our getaway to Thailand! We stayed in Pattaya and took a ferry over to Coral Island where we rented a moped and went beach hopping for the day! It was so fun and the water was beautiful.

Overall, Thailand was a dark place. The amount of awfulness going on there can make it hard to have a good time. Next time we go back, we might try Phuket instead.

Have you ever been to Thailand? What did you like or dislike about it?

Hope you have all have a great week! Trenton and I are off to Italy. Follow along on my Instagram: @courtneylivin


25 thoughts on “Pattaya Thailand Getaway!

      1. My sister went and she had similar experiences. But she also encountered people who were friendly and kind. The massage parlor is code for brothel according to my sister. And she stayed at a hotel. I feel though that most places in the world has a dark side. It’s just not as obvious. I’m glad you still had a good time. You look like you were having fun in the photos.


  1. I have never been to Thailand before and although it always looks great on pictures it has never made me want to really visit it. I can’t really explain why there’s just something 🙂 Your pictures are also so beautiful!

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  2. Gorgeous snapshots you got! Hopefully you can find a place there next time where you feel more comfortable, but I’m glad you guys still enjoyed your moped ride & beach time- have fun in Italy (:


  3. Beautiful photos. It is one of my favourite country to visit and been there numerous times – lost count by now. I like everything, from the beach, the people and the food….very yummy


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