Spring in China + Watch GIVEAWAY!

DSC_0944Chengdu China: Spring, Flowers, Fashion, Parisian by Courtney LivinChengdu China: Spring, Flowers, Fashion, Blonde Hair, Parisian by Courtney LivinChengdu China: Spring, Flowers, Fashion, Parisian by Courtney LivinChengdu China: Spring, Flowers, Fashion, Blonde Hair, Parisian by Courtney LivinDSC_0888Chengdu China: Spring, Flowers, Fashion, Blonde Hair, Parisian by Courtney LivinDSC_0911DSC_0890Chengdu China: Spring, Flowers, Fashion, Blonde Hair, Parisian by Courtney Livin

Spring has arrived in China! The flowers have started to bloom, and the park has cherry blossoms hanging on the trees that have just begun to open up. I know it’s only going to keep getting prettier! The sun has also been out more than usual, which is such a nice change up from the smoggy winter.

Today Trenton and I studied language in the morning, then went out to lunch with our friends. We went to a dish style place that we frequent multiple times a month, and we got spicy cauliflower, eggplant, fried potato, and all different types of meat for the table to share. It was so good! We then had a training at our house, and after which the guys played video games while the gals chatted and drank coffee. It was a fabulous day, and a nice break from the normal routine of studying 24/7 haha! Since I finally had a minute, we went outside and snapped some photos!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this JORD watch! It is walnut wood and vintage rose gold, and it is perfect for my spring wardrobe. I must admit, I am a total watch girl. When I was in middle school, my brother had this girlfriend, and he bought her a Fossil watch for Christmas. However, they ended up breaking up days before Christmas so he gave it to me instead! So, thoughtful, right? Ha! I ended up wearing it for years, and I became the girl that literally everyone asked, “What time is it?” I still have that watch, and since then I’ve added a few watches to my collection.

There are a few items I am always very selective with: purses, watches, and earrings. Whenever I purchase one of these three items, I want them to be timeless, high quality, and last long time. And this watch is no exception. This JORD time piece is the perfect addition to my watch collection, and you’ll see me wearing it for years to come. It’s made out of wood, which I think is so unique and beautiful. I love it so much that I’ve teamed up JORD to give away $100 to go toward any watch of your choice!! (Plus free sizing and free shipping!)

To enter:

  1. Follow me on Instagram.
  2. Like and comment on my Instagram giveaway post, tagging a friend!
  3. Fill out this form: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/courtneylivin

Bonus entries:

  1. Subscribe to my blog by email for 3 bonus entries!
  2. Tag more friends on the Instagram giveaway post. Each friend you tag in a separate comment will count as an entry!
  3. Add my give away post to your Instagram story, tagging me in it for another entry!

Easy peasy! Giveaway ends March 26th. I am wearing the Walnut Vintage Rose watch from the Cassia series. I also really like the Olive and Aegean Blue watch. You can check out the entire women’s collection here. I love that the watches come in a beautiful cedar box, which you can use to hold the watch and other jewelry. They also offer custom engraving , which makes these watches perfect for gifts and special occasions. They also have some very nice men’s watches, so no matter your taste, they have a watch for you!

Do you like to wear watches? Do you have a piece of jewelry that is special to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

38 thoughts on “Spring in China + Watch GIVEAWAY!

  1. Literally have not worn a watch in forever! I usually use my phone to tell the time oops but I agree that a watch is a timeless piece and if I had a nice watch, I would probably wear it. xx

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      1. I’m originally from Miami Beach but living in Fort Lauderdale now – we’re moving to Charleston, SC in June though! There was a wild cold snap that hit the Northeast and it made it all the way south to us. Things are finally back in the 70s though.

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