The Holiday Dress I’m Wearing All Year Long + My Fears On Moving

Holiday Party Style: Pink Is The New Red by Courtney LivingstonHoliday Party Style: Pink Is The New Red by Courtney LivingstonHoliday Party Style: Pink Is The New Red by Courtney LivingstonHoliday Party Style: Pink Is The New Red by Courtney LivingstonHoliday Party Style: Pink Is The New Red by Courtney LivingstonHoliday Party Style: Pink Is The New Red by Courtney LivingstonHoliday Party Style: Pink Is The New Red by Courtney LivingstonHoliday Party Style: Pink Is The New Red by Courtney Livingston

The holiday season is officially upon us! And there’s something about the holidays that makes me want to get a little more dressed up than usual…

Every year I always buy a new dress to wear to all the Christmas festivities, and it’s typically black or red (you can see last year’s dress here). The dress normally ends of hanging in my closet after the New Year, and only ends up being worn again on a cruise or vacation. So, this year I decided to get a dress that I can wear even after the holidays have ended.

I thought this romper dress from Tobi was the perfect piece. It’s long and elegant, but also flirty and fun. The soft hues of pink, borderline nude, can be easily played up to add a bit of glam. I paired the dress with diamond studs, my Bellabeat fitness tracker, and some Tommy Hilfiger sandals.

I’ve had these Tommy Hilfiger sandals for over a year now and wear them multiple times a week. They have held up through many long days of teaching, shopping, church going, and training. I was recently cleaning out my closet and realized I had quite a few pairs of Tommy Hilfiger shoes! They hold up well and add just the right amount of glam to any outfit.

A lot of people have been asking me about my Bellabeat fitness tracker. My response is always- I never take it off! I can wear it with any outfit- dressed up or dressed down- and it completes the look. I get compliments on it everywhere I go. It tracks my energy levels, steps, stress, and helps me to live a balanced life. I highly recommend it! And it makes a good holiday gift. 😉

The romper dress is from, and some of my other holiday favorites from ther shop include this grey low back dress and this black and red velvet maxi.

You can purchase or see more of this outfit by clicking on the links below:

Romper Dress (ON SALE) ||Tommy Hilfiger Sandals ||Bellabeat 

On another note, Trenton and I officially have our plane tickets to East Asia! It is going to be around two days of flying. Our longest flight is 14 hours- from Dallas to Beijing! I was so hoping we’d have a lay over in Paris but alas, that dream has died. We officially leave January 1st! I’m getting sooo nervous. Not about moving- but about leaving everything I’ve ever known behind. I have been learning about what it’s like to live in a new culture, and they say that you have to give up everything that makes up the cultural parts of “you”. From the foods you like, to your hobbies, your tastes, your humor, your language, and you have to rebuild from scratch. Sink or swim, right? I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on where we’re going and why, but I wanted to wait until we have our tickets because you never know when things can change! And now that we have our tickets I suppose I should get that post up.

This weekend I will be heading up to my old college town- BCF- so Trenton can speak at the ch-rch we attended during college, and we will get to stay with some of our college friends. It’s crazy how just two and a half years ago we were undergraduates and now many of our friends are married and some even have their own kids! And yes- kids-as in more than one. So crazy. But I can’t wait to see my old roommate! She is getting married in April, and I’m so sad I have to miss her wedding. 😦 Two of my best friends are getting married next year, but rest assured I will be cheering from Asia and sending all my love across the seas. I can’t wait until I get invited to my first Asian wedding- that should be pretty snazzy!


What do you like to wear to holiday parties? Do you prefer to dress up or dress down? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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57 thoughts on “The Holiday Dress I’m Wearing All Year Long + My Fears On Moving

      1. Very lucky! I moved from Ohio to Oregon with my boyfriend and it was insane! You’re doing a way longer journey! Good luck! ❤️


  1. This brings back memories of when my late wife and I moved to South Korea (1986), likewise leaving everything we knew behind. It was an amazing 5 1/2 year run and we loved the culture. Our son was born there, and has, ironically, ended up back there, as a 29-year-old Navy man. It’s in his blood to be in Asia, it seems, and a lovely Korean woman is in his life. I hope you do get to attend a wedding in China. Red is the bride’s colour, so you will not feel out of place.

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  2. I have an addiction with rompers, and this one looks fab!!

    I wanted to enter your giveaway and shared your giveaway post on my Facebook page this morning, but I just noticed that it actually ended yesterday 😭

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