10 Pinterest Group Boards That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic Like Crazy

10 Pinterest Group Boards That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic Like Crazy by Courtney Livingston

A few months ago, when I first started getting into blogging, I thought Pinterest was a thing of the past. I figured no one really used it any more, and that it was overrun with bloggers just trying to get noticed.

However, after reading about how so many bloggers have had success using Pinterest, I decided to give it a try. At first, I had no luck. My blog wasn’t getting any traffic from Pinterest. Then I stumbled upon a blog post talking about Pinterest group boards and was like WHAT?! Group Boards?! You mean I can pin my blog to a board that already has thousands of followers? OKAY!

So I joined one. Yes, just one. And according to Pinterest analytics, the pins I pinned to this group board got the highest engagement out of all of my boards. Consequently, I decided to join more group boards.

Finding these “group boards” wasn’t easy. In fact, it was actually really difficult finding group boards based on a specific niche, who also happened to be accepting new contributors. To help make it easy for the rest of the bloggers out there trying to boost their blog traffic, I have put together 10 of my favorite group boards that are easy to join, have engaged followers, and are currently accepting contributors.

Travel Bucket List With 56428 followers, this is the ultimate board for travel bloggers.

Food Bloggers Group Board This board with 23065 followers can be used for pinning all of your favorite recipes!

POST YOUR BLOG! Bloggers Promote Here My personal favorite, this board is open to ALL categories, has 17769 followers, and no weird rules!

Travel Inspiration This board with 11226 followers hosts pins for travel tips, photography, and inspiration.

I Love Travel Blogging A board for travel enthusiasts with 7358 followers.

We Love Sharing Our Blogs! With 2357 followers, this lifestyle and social media board hosts pins on a variety of topics.

All The Blogs This board accepts pins from all categories and has 2384 followers.

Beauty and Style Blogs Group Board This board with 1693 followers is for fashion advice, inspiration, and information.

Style And Beauty Bloggers This board is for all things style and beauty related and has 1148 followers.

NOT A Mom Group Board This hosts everything BUT mom/kids/babies (though moms are still welcome) and has 1010 followers. Though their following is small compared to others, my blog gets some of its best engagement through this board!

What are your favorite group Pinterest boards? How do you best promote your blog? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!♣

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10 Pinterest Group Boards That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic Like Crazy by Courtney Livingston



34 thoughts on “10 Pinterest Group Boards That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic Like Crazy

  1. I will give it a try. I am already on Pinterest but like you I don’t see much trafic coming from there. Perhaps with your group boards it will grow traffic. I will let you know if it works for me. Thanks for sharing. -Dominique


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I’ve had a look around, still not sure how I’m meant to respond to pins, or create a pin of my own blog, but I’ll put my research cap on. I do like a challenge!


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