The Perfect Christmas Gift For All The Ladies In Your Life + GIVEAWAY

Looking for a gift for your friend, family member, or holiday party? Check out The Smart Girl’s Guide to Surviving Her Twenties. This quick, fun guide book talks about everything you need to know about how to survive, and thrive, throughout your twenties. It’s perfect for girls entering their twenties, as well as for gals well into their twenties. It’s for the college gals, the young professionals, and for the late bloomers ready to crawl out of their parents’ basement.

This book’s got you covered for all of your holiday gift needs. And it’s only $10.

The Smart Girl’s Guide talks about:

• Finding your dream job
• Embracing minimalism
• Taking control of your finances
• Staying fit
• Eating healthy
• Finding (and keeping!) relationships
• Traveling the world (or at least planning your dream vacation)

And while it’s called the Smart’s Girls Guide to Surviving Her Twenties, the principles found inside can be applied to guys as well, and people of all ages can benefit from the topics it covers.

It makes a great gift for a secret Santa, a gift exchange, a stocking stuffer, a present for your girlfriend, your sister, your cousin, your sorority sisters, and everyone else in your life.

You can order your paperback copies here.

Download a copy for yourself, and order one for a friend!

Have you already read it? Click here to give it a review on Amazon!


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Reader Review:

This book inspired me so much to embrace and conquer my twenties! Courtney made me realize that I’m not alone as I navigate through my twenties, and that we all make mistakes, we all fail, and that we all have the ability to survive and thrive as we go through our twenties. This book is a must-read for any twenty-something who is looking to build a meaningful, fulfilling, and overall “smart” life. HIGHLY recommend!  -Amanda

The Smart Girl's Guide To Surviving Her Twenties by Courtney Livingston






43 thoughts on “The Perfect Christmas Gift For All The Ladies In Your Life + GIVEAWAY

      1. Thanks. I can still enter even though I’m not in my 20’s. Although I have nieces who would love this book. I put this on both of my sites and . Both sites are connected to LinkedIn so it’s being shared on LinkedIn twice. I hope I win this giveaway. By the way I want to invite you and everyone else to my month long Birthday Party from Dec.1st to Dec. 31st. Hope to see you there.

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