Your Guide To The Best Luau’s In Hawaii

Your Guide To The Best Luau's In Hawaii

If there is one thing Hawaii is best known for, it is for there luau’s. Traditional Hawaiian luau’s contain a large feast accompanied by entertainment. The feast often features food such a pork, poi, and coconut pudding, while the entertainment is normally a series of traditional Polynesian dances.

When planning a trip to Hawaii from the mainland, it can be hard to decide which luau to book, with each company offering the very best luau on the entire island. It can be rather mind boggling to try to find the best one! To help make it simpler for you, I have gathered the number one Hawaiian luaus found on each the islands- Kuau, Maui, Oahu, and the Island of Hawaii, or “Big Island”. Mo matter which island you choose to celebrate your luau at, each of these luaus is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t soon forget.

Kuau: The Aulii Luau

The Aulii Luau in Kuau is the only oceanfront luau on the entire island. Watch the sun set as you experience new and tempting tastes of Polynesia while you behold the hula dancers of award-winning Urahutia as they bring to life stories of old Hawaii. Thrill as the pahu drums throb to the pulse of the surf only yards away as the Aulii’s Fire-Knife Dancers take the stage and electrify the night with their whirling torches.

Your Guide To The Best Luau's In Hawaii

Maui: Old Lahaina Luau

The Old Lahaina Luau on the island of Maui is known for its authenticity, hospitality, cultural integrity, and sheer romantic beauty. Situated in a tropical paradise, your evening starts with a lei greeting, followed by friendly Luau hosts. Enjoy Island crafts and demonstrations, such as the Imu making. A bountiful feast awaits, with something to satisfy everyone’s pallet. Culminating the evening is the award winning production of legendary music and hula that will take you on a musical journey through the history of Hawaii.

Not only was the Old Lahaina Luau awarded “Best Luau” on the Perennial Maui News, but it was also voted “Best of Maui” according to reader surveys.

Your Guide To The Best Luau's In Hawaii

Oahu: Ali’i Luau 

What better way to celebrate your luau than at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Held in a covered outdoor venue against a background of waterfalls and lush gardens, the Ali’i Luau is a royal celebration of Hawaii’s cultural heritage. It includes the Royal Court procession, presentation of the imu (pork baked in an underground oven), delicious traditional food, and lively Hawaiian entertainment.

With three different dining options to choose from, you can costumize the dinner style and time of your choice. This luau will not disappoint. And did I mention it comes with a flower lei?


The Island of Hawaii: Island Breeze Luau

Located on what most people refer to as “The Big Island”, the Island Breeze Luau takes place at the Courtyard Marriott King Kamehameha Hotel. Held under the stars at the historic sight where King Kamehameha once lived, the evening begins as the Royal Court arrives by boat. Watch the Royal Procession as you take your seat, and the party begins.

Indulge in a feast of pork, teriyaki beef, chicken, fish, and a plethora of side items, followed by coffee, coconut pudding, and cake. As soon as the meal comes to an end, the torches are lit and the Polynesian dances begin. The dancers will take you to each of the Polynesian islands and show you each island’s traditional dance- including the Tahitian, the Fijian, and the Hula. Finish off the night watching the Samoan Fire Knife Dancer whirl flaming torches around, and, if your lucky, he may walk out into the crowd and offer you his torch.


Taking part in a luau is an experience that you cannot miss while visiting the island of Hawaii.

What To Wear

If you’re wondering what to wear to this unique, island celebration, consider a floral dress for women and a short-sleeved button down paired with shorts or jeans for men.

The dress below was what I wore to the Island Breeze Luau on The Big Island, and all of the photos in this post were taken from that luau. You can shop this Run to Romance Maxi dress on The Mint Julep Boutique. They have a plethora of options for luau apparel.

Your Guide To The Best Luau's In Hawaii

Have you ever been to a luau? Are you visiting the Island of Hawaii in the future? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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47 thoughts on “Your Guide To The Best Luau’s In Hawaii

  1. I love this! We just did the Ali’i luau at the PCC about 2 weeks ago. I especially like the Breath of Life show they put on there!

    My favorite luau on Oahu is at Paradise Cove though. To me, it feels more low key and personal.. both are great though!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Great post! The first time I visited Hawaii (many moons ago) I attended a luau. It was massive and the pig was lifted from the ground. It was all very beautiful. I have a dress (totally different design) , also bought in Hawaii with that exact print you are wearing! Love it!

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  3. This is so beautiful this post kind of hits home a little bit I had a friend named Lexi she was one of those fire dancers out there also a marine biologist and just an adventurer who loved life and unfortunately is no longer around but she brought life into the world and seeing your post is beautiful and amazing and so serene. I’ll be following your post.

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