Summer Whites: Casual vs. Formal

Summer Whites: Casual vs. FormalSummer Whites: Casual vs. FormalSummer Whites: Casual vs. FormalSummer Whites: Casual vs. FormalSummer Whites: Casual vs. Formal

Alright you guys, we have just barely over a month left to wear our summer whites! Unless of course you don’t follow the unspoken rule about not wearing white after Labor Day. Here in Florida, we follow that rule pretty loosely, if at all, but I still try to wear my whites while it’s socially acceptable to do so.

Today, I’m bringing to you two looks that I wore on my Carnival Vista cruise. The first is this casual white dress from Kohl’s (on sale here!). I wore it on the first night of our cruise, and it was so nice to just throw it on and go to dinner. I paired it with some brown sandals and a fishtail braid.

The second look is much more formal, and I wore this little number during our first elegant night. It has a low back and is covered in white and silver sequins. I found it at a consignment shop in Palm Beach and have been itching to wear it for over a year! I paired it with some diamond studs, white wedges, and classic heels. This was another 30 minute look that was so simple to create!

This morning I am currently in Kona going on a paddle boarding trip! (This post was scheduled haha) and later today I will be heading back to Florida. Subscribe by email to hear about our Big Island road trip!

How do you style your whites? Do you follow the no-white after Labor Day rule? Comment below!

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77 thoughts on “Summer Whites: Casual vs. Formal

  1. Maybe it’s because I’m a dude, but I only knew of that rule because of commercials I saw on TV as a kid, and I never understood the purpose of not wearing white at certain times of the year until someone told me as an adult. Or maybe it’s because I’ve always lived here, where summer seems to last until around November 1 and the ground never gets covered in white snow.

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  2. Both of these looks are so lovely! White is so fresh and beautiful to wear, and it can be elegant, too! I love wearing white whenever I can and I don’t personally follow the “no white after Labor Day” rule, necessarily. Most fashion rules are folly, anyways lol 🙂 Great post! xx


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  3. Really gorgeous! I love the first dress especially, it’s so perfect for summer.
    The one thing I find tough about buying white summer dresses for more formal occasions is that it’s more difficult to find times to wear them. I mean, you can’t wear them to a wedding 😛 But a cruise is the perfect time to bust something like that out!

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  4. I totally do not follow the no white after labor day rule. I work in the marine industry and white jeans with a blue or red top are part of my wardrobe all year for work – very nautical and I give them an exception.

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  5. I like that white dress! Stunning and classic. And I must say your braid is perfect to complete this outfit. White is the essential color for me on the whole year.


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