Cruise Style: Calia Swim and Workout Wear

Calia SwimwearCalia Swimwear

So does anyone else hate having to change out of their workout clothes and into a bathing suit?! I hate it so much. Lots of times when I’m on vacation I want to workout at a random time during the day, and it’s so inconvenient to go alll the way back to the room and change. So when Calia by Carrie Underwood sent me this adorable swimsuit top that also doubles as a sports bra, I was ecstatic!

I don’t normally wear a bikini, but since this one is high waisted and has great coverage on top, I decided to go for it. While cruising on the Carnival Vista, I wore it in Jamaica to Dunn’s River Falls and didn’t have to worry about my top falling off from the falls haha. And when I got back I went straight to the gym 🙂

And can we talk about this view?! Jamaica is such a beautiful country. I love how blue the water is, and how it looks like a lush rainforest on the island.

I have another post planned with lots of pictures from waterfall climbing, but I’m still waiting on my sister in law to send the pics over.

Also, on another note, I joined crossfit this week! I’ve been lifting weights for months but I wanted to try something new! My goal is to get stronger, more defined muscles, especially in my arms. Me and Trenton are doing it together so I’m excited to have him as a workout buddy 🙂

Have you ever tried crossfit? What is your favorite way to workout? Comment below!

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54 thoughts on “Cruise Style: Calia Swim and Workout Wear

  1. Oh my wow, you and that backdrop are stunning! I’m dying to get my hands on a pair of high waisted bathing suit bottoms- where are yours from?!

    xo, JJ

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  2. Courtney. I implement some crossfiit in my routine. I am much more defined. And my number of reps with pull ups dips etc. Have almost tripled. I just don’t think continual crossfiit is very good because it wears your body down in the long run since its lots of explosive action workouts. Trenton will enjoy I would think. It’s very untraditional

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  3. Good luck with crossfit! I’ve never tried it but I’ve definitely heard a lot of it. And that pink top is so, so cute! I love the color, style, and design, it’s definitely something I’d pick out for myself if I saw it~ Great post, Courtney ❤


    p.s. I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. The post is the top and most recent on my site 🙂

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