Cruise Style: 30 Minute Formal Look

Hey guys! I just got home from my first stint of summer travels, and I am so excited to share with you about my experience onboard the Carnival Vista, including what I wore and what I did. To start off this cruise series, I’m bringing to you an easy, 30 minute formal look that I wore for our second elegant night, when my husband and I ate at Fahrenheit 555.

Cruise Style: 30 Minute Formal LookWhen you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in your cabin getting ready for dinner. However, you also don’t want to show up looking like you just crawled out of the ocean. To help mend this gap, I’ve come up with a minimal look that can be done on a cruise, at a resort, or at any formal event.Cruise Diary: 30 Minute Formal LookFirst, start off by washing and blow drying your hair. Most cruise cabins come with blow dryers, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. Next, divide your hair into six sections and use a curling iron to curl those sections. I leave the curling iron on each section for about a minute, so it shouldn’t take much longer than six minutes to do it. If you have longer hair like mine, don’t worry about having every curl perfect- as long as the ends are curled then that is all you need! And since I was going for an effortless style (and because I didn’t want to overpack) I didn’t use any hair spray. Cruise Diary: 30 Minute Formal LookNow that your hair is curled, simply pull the front portion of your hair back and secure with bobby pins (as seen below). This allows the curls in the front to cascade down the back, making it look as though you curled every inch of your hair. Cruise Diary: 30 Minute Formal LookFor makeup, simply powder your face, add some mascara, and add a bright, bold lip. Don’t worry about going overboard on the makeup. Chances are, your face has spent a lot of time in the sun and could use a break from all the creams and eye shadows you might normally wear.

Lastly, Put on your gown! I always choose to wear a gown rather than a cocktail dress, because they make such a statement, and help make up for the minimalist make up. And when else are you going to have a chance to wear a long gown?! I wore this red Alfred Angelo dress, that was actually a bridesmaids dress from my best friend’s wedding. I just love formal nights because they are a chance to break out all of those old bridesmaid dresses!Cruise Diary: 30 Minute Formal Look

So there you have it- an easy look that took 30 minutes to create! What are your favorite styles for a formal night? Have you ever cruised before? Do you prefer the casual nights or the elegant nights?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and I will talk to you all again on Thursday.

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79 thoughts on “Cruise Style: 30 Minute Formal Look

  1. Love that dress! So pretty. I love when you can re-wear fancy dresses! I am in a wedding in September and we all picked bridesmaids dresses specifically so we could wear them again! I also agree on the makeup tips….Sometimes less is more and still looks great. Glad you had fun!

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  2. Beautiful look (: this is a great tutorial for vacation dates! I love doing a bold lip with just mascara in the summer cause anything else is too much or too heavy. That dress is gorgeous btw xoxo


  3. Love the look and your tips!! I have extremely thin hair so I’m sure a minute would be way too long for me, but i love the idea of parting on a few sections and curling those!!! Glad you had a great time on the cruise! : )

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