3 Ways to Find Summer Clothes On A Budget

Seven Dollar Styles: Finding Summer Clothes on a BudgetSeven Dollar Styles: Finding Summer Clothes on a BudgetSeven Dollar Styles: Finding Summer Clothes on a BudgetSeven Dollar Styles: Finding Summer Clothes on a BudgetSeven Dollar Styles: Finding Summer Clothes on a BudgetSeven Dollar Styles: Finding Summer Clothes on a BudgetSeven Dollar Styles: Finding Summer Clothes on a Budget

Can you believe I found this cute little outfit for only $7?! Finding clothes to wear this summer doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s possible to stick to your budget and get some new clothes to wear this season. To help you find the best deals, I’ve rounded up 3 inexpensive ways you can expand your wardrobe this summer without draining your wallet.

  1. Raid your friend’s closet. As summer comes, many people decide to get rid of last season’s clothes and clear out their wardrobes. Before your friends donate their clothes to the local thrift store, ask to get first dibs. I got these printed shorts from a friend who was moving up North and getting rid of the summer clothes she didn’t want to take with her. If your friends aren’t getting rid of their clothes, ask if you can borrow an item from their closet! In college, I was never in need of shoes because I always shared with my roommate. If you’re attending a wedding, going on a fancy date night, or headed to a formal event, don’t feel the need to purchase an expensive outfit or pair of shoes. More often than not, you friends will be flattered that you like their clothes enough to ask to borrow a piece or two.
  2. Check out department store sale racks. Skip out on the boutiques and online shops, and check out department stores such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and even Target! Those places often have amazing deals on their sale racks. I got this green top for only $7 at Kohl’s, and it is great quality and fits perfect! I was simply scavenging the sale racket and found this shirt hidden among the loads of clothes. You’d be surprised what you might find by popping into those bigger stores and looking through clearance racks.
  3. Collaborate with companies by offering them media coverage. This one’s for all of you bloggers out there! If you are a blogger, or have a lot of followers on Instagram or Twitter, consider reaching out to companies by offering them media coverage with links to their website in exchange for a free outfit. Many companies are more than happy to do so! I have many posts lined up this summer full of clothes I received from reaching out to companies. This is a great way to get the clothes you want without having to pay a dime!

What are your favorite ways to find deals on clothes this summer? What are your favorite stores to shop at? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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98 thoughts on “3 Ways to Find Summer Clothes On A Budget

  1. That outfit is super cute and perfect for summer! I love kohl’s (my charge card there is going to be the death of me). I love shopping at Target too as they usually have pretty good deals. I’ve been slowing stocking my closet with clothes from there (: love these tips xoxo

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  2. $7 for such a cute outfit?! Great deal! I usually just buy what I like and what isn’t too expensive, sometimes Shop only when there are sales, especially around the holidays

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  3. Your super cute outfit looks great on you, Courtney! And for $7 what a steal!

    I also like to raid the clearance section of my favorite department stores. There are so many pretty pieces I can find. 💕

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  4. I started thrifting! It’s such a great option to find great pieces for remarkaby less. Took me a while to get used to the idea of it but it’s totally great and sustainable which I love!

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  5. Those shorts are so cute! I love that you recommended raiding your friend’s closet haha in the past, several friends and I have hosted a girls night/clothing swap. Everyone brings clothes they aren’t attached to anymore and grab items they like from the other girls. All the clothes that are left over, we take in a big bag to donate!

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