5 Ways To Make Your Picnic Extra Special

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Does anyone else just love having a picnic?! It’s such a relaxing activity to do over the weekend. This weekend, Trenton and I spent the morning having a huge garage sale with some friends from our small group. We are moving out of the country soon, so we pretty much sold everything we own except for our clothes and some nicer items that we are going to store.

I found this super cute picnic basket at Target! After our garage sale, we filled our basket up with some snacks and laid out a blanket on the lawn. Before laying out, we stopped at Dillard’s because I wanted to get a new pair of sunnies, and the next thing I new some lady was whisking me away into a make up chair. I wasn’t about to stop her! She used Lancome products on me (though I normally use Clinique products) but I loved how it turned out! Has anyone else used Lancome makeup before? If so, let me know in the comments how you liked it!

Anyways, if you are planning on going on a picnic this weekend or sometime this summer, remember to bring these five things with you to make your picnic extra special and cute.

  1. Paper Straws. I love using paper straws when I go on a picnic! First of all, they are biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about them sitting in a land fill for the next millennium! Second of all, it’s so fun to plop them inside of mason jars and pour in my favorite drink. I was sipping a Vega vitamins blackberry mix. 🙂 (Yay for plant based probiotics!)
  2. Fresh Berries. No picnic is complete without fresh seasonal berries! Whether your having sandwiches, potato salad, roast beef, or fried chicken, be sure to bring fresh berries along for a refreshing burst of flavor packed full of nutrients.
  3. A good book. After you finish eating, it’s nice to just lay back, relax, and read. Since I’m going to Hawaii this summer, I took along my guide book about The Island of Hawi’i to mark down everything I wanted to do.
  4. Plants! I literally bring plants with me everywhere. I have them on my desk at work, I have them all over my house, and I love bringing them with me to places! When I first got married I would bring my plants with me to places over night because I was terrified they would die if I left them alone for a night. Weird, I now realize, but having a Christmas Cactus or Pink Polka Dot Plant around just makes things so much happier.
  5. All In One Picnic Basket. When heading out on a picnic, there’s no need to stress about getting cups, plates, utensils, and a cooler. Using an all in one basket like the one I have pictured above, makes preparing to go so much easier (and cuter!) The inside of the basket is insulated, and it comes with plastic wine glasses, plates, utensils, and more. It’s definitely worth it for the fact that you can just throw food inside and be on your way without having to think about anything else.

And don’t forget to wear something light since it will probably be hot! My outfit is from T.J. Max, my flip flops are Roxy, and my bracelet is a Bellabeat fitness tracker (read my review here!) What are your favorite things to bring along for a picnic? What are your weekend plans?

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192 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Your Picnic Extra Special

  1. My boyfriend and I had a little picnic yesterday and could’ve used a cute picnic basket like yours!
    I’ve tried out some Lancome products. Their Teint Idole Foundation is really nice along with their Dual Finish Powder. I’ve tried their Color Design Lipsticks, but I think there are cheaper lipsticks that are just as good. Their standout product is their eye makeup remover. It’s pricey, but it’s one of the best I’ve ever tried 🙂

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    1. Aw that sounds fun! Having a big basket helps haha And okay good to know about the Color Design Lipstick, it’s sooo expensive and I was trying to figure out if it was worth it or not. I will have to try the eye makeup remover! It’s so hard to find a good one that doesn’t make my face break out. Thanks for sharing, Ariel 🙂

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  2. I love berries and would add them to my picnic basket but not sure about taking my plants along…haha! You look cute in this outfit! I have only tried Lancome foundation which I found a bit heavy. Guess I bought the wrong one! That spot and photos are very beautiful!
    xo Yvonne

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    1. Thanks Yvonne! Yea the plants were a bit over the top, my husband was like “really?!” haha! And thanks!! Heavy makeup can be so annoying, I am doing the “10 day” triae to see how the Lancome feels, but I keep forgetting to wear it!

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  3. I always envy people who live in a place where the parks and the weather are nice enough to picnic. here in Jakarta it’s always either super hot or raining, the air is polluted, makes picnic the last thing I want to spend my free time doing 😦 cute picnic pictures though! you look lovely in that outfit.

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  4. Love this! I’m all about outdoor movies during the summer and these picnic tips would work for those! Now I just gotta get one of those nifty picnic baskets so I can stop using old tote bags!

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  5. I love plants, too! I’ve never thought about bringing them with me on an adventure, but what a great idea! You have a very lovely blog here. Thanks for stopping by mine so I could find yours. 🙂 I’ll be back!

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