Paris in the Fall


As the weather chills and I begin to bundle up each day before leaving the house, I can’t help but be reminded of my trip to Paris last fall. I flipped through old photos, reminded of the grand adventure my husband and I had running around Paris for a week. It was so cold there during November- and we were not the slightest bit prepared! Thinking back to it literally sends a chill down my spine. But it was a perfect week, and I’m terrible sad I don’t have another European vacation planned for this fall. As someone who was born and raised in central Florida, the chance to visit another country during the fall is one that appeals to me much more than traveling during the summer.

I came SO close to booking a trip to Italy for the week before Christmas, but I waited two days after finding the trip to book and by then the price had literally doubled. Oh well, we have filled our travel schedule with a camping trip to the mountains, a St. Augustine trip, and some other ideas have been popping around in my head. The travel bug has bit me, having me wish I could board a plane and fly to somewhere new!


24 thoughts on “Paris in the Fall

  1. I love your photos. I am an American living in Paris and I am not used to this cold weather. I am from Florida, so winter is not something I have experienced until now! I want to recreate your photo of you and your husband kissing in front of the tower. How cute! I am going to tell my hubby that we have to do this. I just started sharing my life in Paris through my blog, Gardenia Trails.. Just too much for me to not share. Thanks for sharing!

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